QNBN FTTH Network – Central Office CO-05
Qatar National Broadband Network of Fiber optics (QNBN FTTH Network) is a nation-wide network of Fiber –Optics infrastructure, aiming at covering the entire country. The technical buildings where all fibers are collected and centralized for each district/zone are called Central Offices, consisting of compact data-centers housing highly-specialized Electro-Mechanical, Telecom equipment and the latest Fire Protection & Fire Fighting technologies. This Central Office (CO-05), located in West Bay, consists of two technical rooms: the Control Room (containing all the Telecom Equipment) and the Equipment Room (housing a large number of electro-mechanical equipment) and the Cable Vault Room (where all fiber optic cables will be connected).

About The Project

Project Title: QNBN FTTH Network – Central Office CO-05
Project Category: Special Projects
Owner: Ericsson / QNBN
Consultant: ADCI
Status: Completed